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Pro-choice, animal rights, pro-marijuana. Not everything is as simple as black and white.
Eating disorder and mental health advocate.
Nothing but good vibes please.


I got this today in spite of all the mean ppl at my school


i was straight once, turns out it was a phase


Can’t wait until these cuties are released!!! Check the shopping guide for links to buy everything!

So it’s definite that I’m going to see A Day To Remember at the hard rock cafe on October 11th! Chiodos and Bring Me The Horizon is going to be there as well. I’m taking Daniel and Michelle’s daughter Hayley. I’m super fucking stoked, I haven’t seen them since they dropped their first CD. My boss is letting me borrow his GPS as well :)

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Anonymous asked: You are so incredibly pretty omg

Awh thank you <3

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I will miss you. 

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A quick update before I start studying.
My boss let me work the truck again, it’s a big deal because I’ve worked there for 2 years and I’ve only unloaded the truck maybe twice. 
I now only have one pair of pants for work, and no official work shoes since the uniform policy has changed. That’s awesome because corporate is coming tomorrow and district is coming the next day. I won’t be getting my hair done this paycheck because now I gotta buy some new work shoes. (my pink doc martins are NOT acceptable :/)
The crazy meth head of an ex best friend Christine came by my work to talk to my store manager. Luckily he was at lunch so she got stuck with Brandi. Christine literally came up there just to tell everyone how ‘rude and unprofessional’ it was that i got someone else to ring her up when she came into the store.
Brandi told her that Alco doesn’t handle threats to their employees lightly and that Ray (the store manager) told me to get someone else to ring her up. 
Stupid bitch.
I told Ray about it when he came back and he said he doesn’t care if we lose her as a customer anyways. 

I have exactly one week until I take my final for developmental psychology so if I’m not as active on here that will be why. 
My paycheck this friday will also be my biggest since Christmas. If I did the math right it will be over 500$. So I will be buying a quarter of weed, a lot of food (been out for awhile), paying everyone back including the asshole buyer of my mac, and putting money back for the payment on my other computer. 

Does anyone know if that buy one get one free 3DS games at Best Buy will still be going on by Friday?

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“Gaining weight won’t make you miserable.
Fear of gaining weight, however, will.”

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If you dont own Pokemon X or Y yet……Deal going on on at bBest Buy!

signal boost! super good deal, planning on getting some games c:

oh god i hope this is still valid friday!

Completely 100% over this day.

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